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You know, as a trekkie, that I have much love for Rodenberry, but man he was vague about treknology! Of coarse, with production ever changing, and new concepts of the science world going in and out of popularity or theoretically fizzling out, he had to be. And of coarse, it’s not his fault that there are literally thousands of nerds out there that nitpick this stuff, like why in the heck there is no consistancy between warp drive between Enterprise, The Next Generation, and The Original Series!

The answer is (of coarse) that at the time TOS was being made the theory of warp drive was only a concept that at the time wasn’t very well explained. When the franchise grew and scientists began looking at the theory more closely, some of their ideas began being included in the movies, and by the time TNG came out, Rodenberry had a whole new concept for treknology that could be applied. These concepts were forced onto the concept of TOS tech, and eventually it became widely accepted that TOS used TNG style warp drive, except of coarse by TOS fanatics. Then, with ENT, the concepts were reverse engineered for an older style, and this just complicated everything!

So why am I making a big deal out of this? Because like many trekkies, I too love Star Trek for it’s exploration of the wonders of the universe, and love to see Rodenberry’s and now other’s ideas of how man reaches the stars! I have been working on this project for some time, of creating information on technology and history in Trek to fill in the gaps, so stay tuned for updates!


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