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I have been working on my version of the Enterprise-D technical manual (as part of my all inclusive technical encyclopedia). Haven’t come up with too much yet, but a little bit. Anyway here is some of what I’ve been working on in regards to the galaxy class development project. Keep in mind that whatever I can’t find in canon information I try to find in book series, fan-fiction, or whatever provides information on that particular subject. If I can’t find it anywhere then I basically make it up based on on the information I do have and the consistencies I can draw upon.

The Galaxy Class Starship was designed to be the front runner in deep space exploration. Classified as a Heavy Explorer, the vessel is capable of maintaining deep space operations without refit or supply for long periods of time. For this reason, Galaxy class vessels were the first Starfleet exploration and strategic vessels capable of accommodating the immediate families of the crewmembers serving on these vessels, owing to the analogy that the ships were “travelling cities.”
            Although primarily designed for deep space interstellar travel, Galaxy class vessels are also well equipped to be workhorses for the Federation. Galaxy class vessels are able to accommodate a large number of ill or injured, or even refugees, all of which can be given proper medical treatment and facilities to suit their needs.
            Galaxy class ships are also defensively designed to be battleships in combat situations. Despite the fact that most Starfleet vessels are exploratory, all vessels of this type are designed with a combat sub-type, in order to perform military duties in times of war or in order to defend themselves or other Federation interests in the vastness of space. Galaxy class vessels are well armed and well shielded against any attacker, and have been used on many occasions as an anchor for defending fleets during wartime.

The Galaxy was developed as the replacement to the New Orleans class starship in all aspects of service. For its development, Starfleet not only wanted a vessel capable of performing a wide variety of mission types such as deep space exploration, administration and command, emergency relief, and combat duties, but also a “starship of the future” that could accommodate a large number of crew and families, as well as guests.

Galaxy Class Development Project

            The Galaxy Class Development Project begin in 2343 when Admiral Carstairs was commissioned with overseeing the development of a new deep space heavy explorer. Carstairs, who was in charge of contruction operations for Starfleet heavy explorers, felt that the vessel should boast a grander scale than previously seen. He believed that the vessel should have a larger volume to accommodate more application for multi-role assignments. Many felt that this translated into more combat capabilities, considering that many design boards indicated troop transport capabilities and an impressive array of weaponry. With this leading to a constant battle between Carstairs and other members of the designing administration, design and construction was slowed considerably.

            Eventually, an agreement was reached among the developing team, and construction began on the USS Galaxy in 2357. Though still a well armed vessel, the agreement amended some of the other alterations to the vessel. The class was originally drawn up to have two torpedo launchers in the “cobra neck” section, but was contracted to only have one. Also the saucer torpedo launcher was initially intended to face forward and launch when the two sections were still connected, however this was changed so that the launcher tube faced the connection “cobra head,” allowing for it to only be launched after separation. Since phaser banks were considered to be primarily defensive weapons due to the ability to change affective yields and output, almost all phaser arrangements were kept in the design. As for the troop accommodations, it was decided that the extremely spacious interior would be left empty and customizable for any mission type. This was not a new concept for these types of vessels; it simply had never been utilized in such a large area before.

            Although these accommodations had been reached, construction had been very slow. Frustrated by the lack of interest in his military design, Carstairs began pushing for the most advanced technologies to be the standard on the new class. Carstairs argued that if the vessels were to be the Federation flagships, they should be equipped with the best technologies to date, including those currently in development. As these technologies became available, each one had to be integrated into the ships current systems, making for a very slow process. Eventually it was decided that the vessel was advanced enough and the vessel was completed as drafted. The USS Galaxy was launched in 2362.

Basically that is just a small section in the whole, so if you have anything you think I should add, let me know!


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