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After watching TNG’s “Conspiracy” I realised the New Orlean’s Class was considered a frigate, rather than a Heavy Explorer. It doen’t make sense for a Galaxy Class to be replacing a frigate, so I have changed the reference in my project to Ambassador Class.

Anyway here is a little bit more I have been working on in regards to the design of the Enterprise. Hopefully will have some more added to the overall development soon.

Development of the Enterprise was far less eventful then the prototype. Enterprise was the 3rd starship of the Galaxy Class. The spaceframe was set and built on the Martian surface only months after that of the Galaxy, in 2357. Actual construction on the vessel began in 2361, along with the Challenger and Yamato, while spaceframe construction began on the Odyssey and Venture around the same time. Launch into orbit took place in 2363, where the vessel was furbished and readied for launch.
            During final construction in orbit of Mars, the starboard pylon phaser bank was exchanged with the Yamato. Commander Orfil Quinteros, the Construction Supervisor, was quoted as saying that the phaser bank was a “better fit.” Operational records show that the EPS junctions were misaligned between the phaser bank and the Enterprise’s nacelle pylon. The Yamato’s EPS system in that pylon had not been completed at that time, and so the phasers were switched.
            Construction was completed on the Enterprise in 2373. Soon after, a commissioning ceremony was held by Rear Admiral Norah Satie and many of the senior staff appointed to the starship. After commissioning, the vessel was taken under the command of Admiral Satie on her shakedown cruise, which brought her to the Alpha Centauri system 5 light-years away. There she docked at the Centauri Ring Station for an evaluation of the cruise before she was brought back to Earth. There she docked at Earth Station McKinley, Dock 3, where she awaited final systems upgrades and the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Hope you like!


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