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Download .tga Here

SERIES: Winston Cup Series
DRIVER: Mark Martin
SPONSOR: Stroh’s Light
MAKE: Ford Thunderbird
TEAM: Rousch Racing
YEAR: 1989
GAME/MOD: NR2003 AeroWar88 mod
NOTES: Mark Martin’s ’89 Cup car for the AeroWar88 mod



Logged on to the computer today and what did I find? Someone deleted the folder that had ALL OF MY PROJECTS in it! Granted, the world isn’t ending or anything, but this is a hobby of mine and I’ve put a lot of work into it and man it really blows when it’s all deleted! Oh well, guess I will start over!

So, I needed a website that I could post my random thoughts on various things, tried websites but I don’t really have the time to keep them update on specific things, so here is my BLOG